We’re creating Farlink, the mind-computer interface.

We’re creating a non-invasive hardware interface between human and machine intelligence that accelerates knowledge creation, catalyzes our curiosity and equanimity, and guards our attention and mental sovereignty.

Our long-term goal is to solve two challenges: on the AI layer, understanding the nature of intelligence through the lens of physics, and on the human layer, creating an operating system for the mind that extends the landscape of human experience.

We’re assembling a world-class team of exceptionally driven, intellectually curious, and highly interdisciplinary minds. If you find our mission imperative, whether you are a scientist, engineer, artist, or investor, do reach out:

Get involved

We’re actively looking for talent in the following areas:

  • Research: mathematics, computer science, physics, cognitive science;
  • Engineering: machine learning, electronics, optics, materials, industrial;
  • Design: HCI, industrial, graphic.